Play Fairway Analysis + Prospect Evaluation + Peer Review

Play fairway analysis
This is a time tested tool used in developing exploration portfolios that balance risk, prospect size and acreage availability. Play fairway analysis helps map exploration 'sweet spots' within a broader regional or basin wide scale. The play fairway approach is a macro tool to establish the overall presence of the various key risk elements associated with a play that will influence the prospectivity of blocks and sub-basins. It's an effective tool to rank large tracks of land, or high-grade parts of a block or basin. 

Prospect and Lead Mapping + Reserves + Volumetrics 
Once we've put the basin or block into regional and geological context, the prospect and lead mapping comes next. We use different interpretative techniques that suit your data, and we'll recommend processes that have worked for us in the past to get the very best from your dataset.  We work collaboratively with your teams to understand the issues and concerns. We'll assimilate the evaluation into a prospectivity assessment, which is a fit-for-purpose document that includes risked volumetric profiles.  

Peer Review
We can perform effective peer reviews of your projects and prospects. Our peer reviews provide an unbiased assessment of your teams work from data acquisition through the seismic and geological interpretation to prospect evaluation. We have literally decades of experience and can look at your projects objectively and provide valuable feedback.