Seismic Interpretation & Geological Analyses

What we offer
Our aim is to provide an interpretation of your data that is integrated and complete by using standard industry practices and techniques. We'll work with you to ensure that the timelines are minimized and that we meet your expectations. Of course along the way, we'll provide feedback and advice that will allow you to make valued investment decisions.

Seismic interpretation and geological integration
Whether field-wide specific, prospect specific, or developing the overall prospectivity of a block - we can offer tailored solutions to help your needs. We have second to none experience from looking at many different basins around the world involving different reservoir types in varied geological environments.

Our seismic interpretation experience involves regional 2D mapping projects using various vintaged databases, to large 3D projects involving regional 3D volumes or over producing assets.

Add the integration of geological well evaluation, play risk mapping, petroleum systems analysis and lead and prospect evaluation, and we believe we can offer our clients an integrated geoscience solution. 

We use state-of-the-art workstations to do this work, or if preferred, we can integrate into your own office environment.